Navigator Tarot deck

If you search the internet and read reviews of the this deck you would see mixed reactions towards the artwork from bizaare to stunning. Personally, I love this deck. it has inspired me to use it on many of my contemplative moods where I am able to appreciate the colours, figures and composition of the artwork, without the influence of the descriptions found in the companion book.
I find the artwork as elaborately unique, featuring figures possessing both or neither the feminine and the masculine. This for me, represents the eternal progression and union of both masculine and feminine until they lose distinction and become completely joined to give birth to a more balanced and harmonious form.
With regard to the author, Julia Turk, I have been looking for news or updates but it is puzzling to see that there is not much written about her recently. What I found was her page on the website.
According to the website, “Julia Turk, was born in England. She was educated at several notable art schools such as The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University; St. Martins School of Art, Soho, London. She studies portrait painting at the Leighton Studio in San Francisco under Margery Lester. Julia went her own way and eventually developed a visionary style based on hard edged detail, stylised images, and bizarre and unusual compositions. Many of her paintings are based on todays’ society in a subtle way.
In 1989 Julia began the artwork for the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA, deck and book, which was published in 1997 by U.S. Games Systems. They handed the copyright back to Julia in 2007 and helped her to reprint 3,200 decks, over which she has sole control.
Julia spent thirty years as a yacht skipper in the Mediterranean and Caribbean and USA. She is a Certified Tarot Master with the American Tarot Association, a past member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology and a current member of the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida.


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