Universal Goddess Tarot

Discover your own wisdom and beauty in this intriguing and layered tribute to goddesses from around the world and throughout time. Maria Caratti journeyed through the Tarot and visited with goddesses to create a deck that reveals both with crystal clarity.
Each card shows a unique aspect of a goddess that is lush and deep and real. These are goddesses, but they are first and foremost women not one-dimensional super heroines. Caratti presents the goddesses in a way that allows the reader to connect with and relate to each one. For this reason, it is a superb deck for spiritual exploration and meditation. Although not a clone, anyone familiar with traditional Tarot card meanings will be comfortable with this deck. Each goddess selected clearly illustrates the meaning, making it an easy and enjoyable deck to work with for divination. The artist, Antonella Platano, captures the essence of each goddess, making each card both a treasure and a portal into another realm. (llewellyn.com)

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