Tarot of the Spirit World

There are times during each of our lives when we notice something looming over us & guiding us but we can’t quite grasp it: odd coincidences, luck, dreams, mysterious messages through encounters with people, object, words written or heard. It’s as if invisible spirits interact among us, or at least this is our impression. We call them angels, demons, spirits, entities, but most often we try to obscure their signals by rationalizing. We make an effort, therefore, not to see…
The Tarot deck designed by Roberto de Angelis for exploring the boundary between the world of reason and that of emotions, that Middle-earth where shadows come to life and our unconscious universe takes shape, even if fleeting & often illusory.
The “spirits” are divided into five categories: the gods and higher demons, which correspond to the Major Arcana; the lower demons (or lemures) which symbolize fears, obsessions, passions and faults and correspond to the symbol of fire of the wands; the kind-hearted spirits which appear as benevolent apparitions and influences, corresponding to the symbol of water of the chalices; the angels, custodians & judges of human actions, which correspond to the symbol of air, and finally the spirits of ancestors and forefathers, which correspond to the symbol earth of the pentacles. (astroamerica.com)

There are moments when we become aware of a guiding force that defies logic. These invisible presences-ghosts, angels, demons, and other entities-can lead us toward sacred, dark, or poetric realms that lie beyond the boundaries of reason and emotions, where our universal subconscious comes to life.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

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