Tarot of Reflections

Do we act differently if we are being watched? What if the one who is watching is us? If we could stand outside ourselves and look at our lives, would we respond to life in a different way? The Aborigines believed that Dreamtime was real and what we consider real is actually dream time….what if they are right? What if none of it is real? What if all we believe is only an illusion?
The Tarot of Reflections is a very strange deck that evokes very strange feelings. The artwork on the deck is by Francesco Ciampi, a well-known cartoonist in Italy, and the cards do have a slight comic book look to them. What is disconcerting, however, is that most of the cards also have a mirror image of some part of the card – not an exact mirror image, however, but a slightly off-kilter image. This image is sometimes very obvious, as on the Fool card where the Fool’s likeness is right there in his face, even larger than his own face. Sometimes the image is at the bottom of the card, as if representing the root of the figure. On the Hanged Man, the image is reversed so that the Hanged Man’s face is upright even though he is upside down. Sometimes the image is more obscure, as on the Devil card. (tarotpassages.com)

Tarot of Reflections
Artwork by Francesco Ciampi, graphics by Pietro Alligo
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

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