The Gypsy Tarot deck

This deck is the work of Walter Wegmüller. The title of this Tarot is more than just a Tarot-related naming, but it is also based on the genetically-intellectual roots which Walter Wegmüller inherited.
Together with these cards and the book (1975) of Sergius Golovin (from 1930 to 2006) should be mentioned “The world of Tarot”. This artist contemporary of Wegmüller with gypsy blood component supplies the paper, card reading how-roots in India and the use of the Tarot cards in the manner of the traveling (nomad) gypsies.

Deck Specific viewpoints:
Nuances in the naming of the Major Arcana:
1 = The juggler / 6 = The decision / 9 = The way / 12 = The test / 16 = Destruction

The Minor Arcana is set on an Indian box-derivation especially with the following 4-matter in connection:
Bars = peasants (also: mass / people), billets / Spanking, (fire)
Coins = merchants / traders, money / finance, (earth)
Swords = of noblemen / needle up warrior.
Chalices = priesthood, religion / belief, ((celestial) water)


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