King of Disks

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King (Knight) of Disks – Fire of Earth
Astrology: Jupiter in Taurus
Time: 1 May – 21 May
Numerology: 3
Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
Ace of Diamonds

Jupiter in Taurus attracts good luck when they follow their nature of being generous and patient. They are practical and discriminating, and they like to jump right in and do things. They don’t like risks, but appreciate the efforts of hard work. They do better if they have direction and clear goals to strive for. The results are what matter to them.
Taurus Jupiter is well-grounded and they enjoy being in nature. It renews them. They are good with children and animals. They are talented artistically and can create beauty all around them. They love luxurious surroundings, and want the comfort of abundance and security. They use all their senses to enjoy life. They have a great sense of humor, and enjoy the fine things in life.
Taurus Jupiter is stable, and usually uses their money and resources to benefit others as well as themselves. They can be a bit stubborn, but they have the ability to see the big picture as well as to build the empire they envision. They don’t like to be pushed.
Jupiter in Taurus knows how to grow financial security. They are good in business and know when to push their luck just enough to make more. The more secure they feel, the luckier they are. They must learn not to overindulge if they wish their luck to stick with them. In fact, when Jupiter in Taurus attracts wealth and success, they need to use it wisely and generously so they continue to attract more.
Jupiter in Taurus has a green thumb, for more than just money. Even if they have never lived in the country, there is something pastoral about them. Their practicality and earthiness just makes them seem very rural… maybe the landed gentry is a good image. They are homebodies who appreciate the putting down of roots, especially if they feel the soil is rich enough to support them well. (Source:

The number 3 – Jupiter, Reconciling/Intuitive (Fire)
Positive traits:
– Strong sense of order and values, balanced, dynamic, struggle against limits, accurate impressions and insights, an arbiter or mediator, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, enjoys life fully, independent.
Negative traits:
– Scattered energies, exaggeration, unfinished projects, lack of direction, moodiness, self-centeredness, unemotional.

Crowley: The Knight of Disks represents the fiery part of Earth, and refers in particular to the phenomena of mountains, earthquakes, and gravitation; but it also represents the activity of Earth regarded as the producer of Life. He rules from the 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo, and is thus concerned greatly with agriculture. This warrior is short and sturdy in type. He is clothed in great solidity of plate armour; but his helmet, which is crested with the head of a stag, is thrown back, for at the moment his function is entirely confined to the production of food. For this reason he is armed with a flail. The disk which he bears, moreover, is very solid; it represents nutrition. These characteristics are borne out by his horse; a shire horse, solidly planted on all four feet, as was not the case with the other Knights. He rides through the fertile land; even the distant hills are cultivated fields.
Those whom he symbolizes tend to be dull, heavy and preoccupied with material things. They are laborious and patient, but would have little intellectual grasp even of matters which concern them most closely. Their success in these is due to instinct, to imitation of Nature. They lack initiative; their fire is the smouldering fire of the process of growth.
If ill-dignified, these people are hopelessly stupid, slavish, quite incapable of foresight even in their own affairs, or of taking an intelligent interest in anything outside them. They are churlish, surly, and jealous (in a dull sort of way) of what they instinctively realize is the superior state of others; but they have not the courage or intelligence to better themselves. Yet they are always irritably meddling about petty matters; they interfere with, and inevitably spoil, whatever comes their way.
In the Yi King, the fiery part of Earth is represented by the 62nd hexagram, Hsia~o Kwo. This is as important as its complement, Kung F~ (see under Prince of Cups); it is a “big Khan”, the trigram of Luna with each line doubled. But it is also suggestive of the Geo mantic figure Conjunctio, Mercury in Virgo, corresponding very closely indeed with the Fire of Earth attribution in the Qabalistic system.
To the Chinese sages, moreover, the shape of the figure gave the idea of a bird. The meaning is, accordingly, modified by human in fluence of the more frivolous and irresponsible kind, Shakespeare’s “little wanton harlotry”, the French cynic’s “Souvent femme vane”, and the fickle mob of Coriolanus; indeed, of History itself. But Mercury in Virgo symbolizes Intelligence (and even creative Idea) applied to Agriculture; and this (once more!) harmonizes perfectly with the Ten of Disks, which is ruled by this Planet and this Sign. This adds to the superabundant mass of proof that this whole system of symbolism is based upon Realities of Nature, as understood by the materialist School of Science-if such a school survives in some obscure and obsolescent University! Such coherence, such introverted exfoliation, cannot be the chance parallelism of the dreams of nebulous philosophies.
The character described by this card is therefore exceeding complex yet admirably well-knit; but its dangers are indicated by the symbols of Luna and the bird. In the happiest cases, the qualities thus indicated will be romance and imagination; but overweening ambition, the pursuit of Ignis Fatuns, superstition, and the tendency to waste time in idle dreaming, are perils all too frequently found in such sons of the soil. Thomas Hardy has painted many admirable portraits of the type. Ill-starred indeed and black with bile are those who have profaned the Sacred Fire, not enkindling Earth to new, more copious, more varied life, but peering in deceptive moonlight, turning their faces from their mother Earth.

Waite: The figure calls for no special description the face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved or blazoned with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In many old Tarot packs this suit stood for current coin, money, deniers. I have not invented the substitution of pentacles and I have no special cause to sustain in respect of the alternative. But the consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of some change, because the cards do not happen to deal especially with questions of money.
Valour, realizing intelligence, business and normal intellectual aptitude, sometimes mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind; success in these paths.
Reversed: Vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, peril.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
Ace of Diamonds – Change; a message, often about money, and usually good news.

King-Knight of Disks


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