Help The Hermit’s Lamp

The Hermit's Lamp Phoenix Fund

The Hermit's Lamp Phoenix Fund

On Wednesday, March 20, Andrew McGregor’s beloved shop, The Hermit’s Lamp, chosen multiple times as one of Toronto’s best New Age stores, had a fire that resulted in a total loss.
This emergency fund is to help “The Hermit’s Lamp” rise from the ashes as quickly and easily as possible, and for Andrew’s livelihood to be restored.
I am asking for members of the Tarot community, practitioners of every path, and beloved friends and family to chip in a little or a lot, to help.
Andrew has been such a gift of support for so many from his cancer fundraiser deck project, to his countless acts of thoughtfulness for the community.
It’s time for us to step up for him.



The Hermit's Lamp Phoenix

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