Numbers and frequencies

Tarot of Cyclicity

Tarot of Cyclicity
“When one speaks of rhythm, one evokes frequency; when one speaks of frequency one evokes Numbers and, therefore, the law of rhythm is revealed by Numbers. The graphic projection of the law of rhythm is an aspect of geometry – not static and dead, but a living illustration of the All. God delights in geometry, said Pythagoras, and by contemplating Cosmic Order as a geometric projection, man is contemplating the harmony of Numbers.” (Fredric Lionel, The Magic Tarot – Vehicle of the eternal Wisdom; chapter 7, The stages of the Path; page 47)
Contemplating the harmony of the Numbers is contemplating the stars of the night sky and observing the movements of the planets in our solar system. Numbers and planets are different definitions for the same frequencies. Therefore, when one speaks of Numbers, one evokes the planets.
The Tarot of Cyclicity is the mirror of the universe, and it is a mirror in the hand of the beholder.

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