Sensual Wicca Tarot

A brilliant attempt to present the Tarot, Wicca, and the Wiccan aspects of sexuality that doesn’t quite succeed due to limitations of format and skill. Still, at times this deck soars above the limitations and is filled with brilliance and inspiration, making this a good deck for meditation and collection.
The graphics are easily as good as that found on many modern decks. It has a sort of cartoony-mangaish style that is very popular today. The major difference between the drawings on this deck and that of other Tarot decks is that artist Elisa Poggese did not shy away from nudity. There’s plenty of nudity here, including some very sexual images:
The Lovers has a pose from the Kama Sutra. Obsession (RWS=The Devil) appears as a kinky S&M scene with a woman chained to a large pentagram and a man, fully erect, in a devilish mask. Eruption (RWS=The Tower) shows a couple having ecstatic intercourse with a volcano erupting in the background. One-Ness (RWS=The World) has a couple in the sitting “yab-yum” position surrounded by the zodiacal symbols and the Earth in the background. The two of cups shows two women kissing and more. The 5 of cups shows a naked woman abandoned by a naked man who is more interested in holding another naked man. Acolyte (RWS=Prince) of Cups shows a young man riding a dolphin by holding the dolphin’s large dorsal fin in a masturbatory gesture. The 2 of Wands shows the back of two naked young men stand side by side, arms familiarly over each other’s shoulders. The Mother (RWS) of Swords incongruently shows a lounging, bare-breasted young woman receiving a named man holding a platter with a decapitated head (Salome and John the Baptist?). If you’re not open to this kind of imagery, this deck is not for you. (

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