The Ananda Tarot by Ananda Kurt Pilz

When I first opened the plastic box of this deck and book set, I was strongly reminded of many of the decks published in the mid-eighties, very “cosmic” and alternative. So I was quite surprised this is actually a deck published in 2001.
The art is very intuitive and I find it is very typical for a Pisces artist – the dreamy and emotional style, the use of effects like starry nebulas, fading and dissolving motives, spheres and ethereal figures. Most cards show soft, matted colors and a color scheme with many hues of blue, but some are vibrant and therefore spring out at you in a layout (e.g. the Magician, the Emperor, Justice (which is 8) and the Devil). The backs are reversible. While Pilz has developed his own symbolism, most of the meanings fit well into the traditional categories and may even bring out some new aspects of a well-known card. Read more The Ananda Tarot by Ananda Kurt Pilz