Robert Wang’s Jungian Tarot

Robert Wang's Jungian Tarot Tree of Life
The complete package of the Jungian Tarot consists in a deck of cards with a black and white, printed mini-booklet and the Jungian Tarot trilogy. The first volume is called ‘Tarot Psychology’ and it is an introduction to the complex universe of the cards, also providing a self-study method based on the Jungian technique called ‘active imagination’. The second and largest volume is a detailed account of the historical development of the symbolism of the cards and the Jungian archetypes, it is called ‘The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery’. It is a consistent and authentic treasure chest, definitely a must-have on the shelf of any committed student of the Tarot. The third and final volume, ‘Perfect Tarot Divination’ provides further instructions for reading and interpreting the cards.
One of Mr Wang’s ‘main effort Read more Robert Wang’s Jungian Tarot

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