Counterfeit Tarot decks and insatiable consumers

Warning: long read.
Of all the methods by which humans seek to peek into the future, into the mysteries of fortune and fate, Cartomancy is by far the most popular. Of all the Cartomancy methods, the one that arouses the most interest, at least in the last couple of decades, is the Tarot. However, not too far back into the past Tarot cards were hard to come by.
Tarot is not a ‘simple’ deck of cards by no means. Although it can be used efficiently to predict future trends, it is not necessarily a typical fortune-telling instrument. The Tarot is most likely one of the most complex and mysterious vehicles of preserving and transmitting ancient knowledge. How exactly ancient is that knowledge, nobody can determine. While the vast majority Read more Counterfeit Tarot decks and insatiable consumers