Ace of Cups

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, Ace of Cups

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, Ace of Cups Fortune-telling interpretation:
Upright: abundance, fertility, production, solidity, stability, steadiness, constancy, perseverance, continua-tion, duration, sequel, assiduity, persistence, steadfastness or firmness, courage. Meal, feast or banquet, ga-la, treat, nourishment, food, nutrition. Guests, services. Invitation, convocation or summons, notification, call-up.
Reversed: transformation or mutation, permutation, transmutation, deterioration or adulteration, vicissitude, varieties, variation, inconstancy, frivolity, slightness, rashness, wantonness, irresponsibility, casualness or thoughtlessness, exchange, barter, purchase, sale, market, deal or transaction, treaty, convention. Metamorphosis, diversity, versatility, reversal, disruption, upheaval or upset, revolution, reversion. Version, translation, interpretation.

Ace of Cups – The element of Water represents emotions, and it is associated with Summer.
The Ace of Cups deals with issues of the heart and things related to home and family. The Ace of Cups is a fountain of love, joy and happiness. It may show the establishment of a home with a partner, returning home or the beginning of a new and exciting relationship with the possibility of marriage.

78 + cover and bulk card deck, 330gsm superior quality smooth card stock.
The cards feature upright and reversed meaning, astrological, numerological and kabbalistic attributions.
8-sided, accordion, printed mini-booklet with 5 card spreads and further instructions.
PLUS, 24 pages A5 digital booklet, Cartomancy Class One PDF for FREE included!

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – REGULAR EDITION 62 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in white, window tuck box)

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – DELUXE EDITION 78 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in a custom rigid box)

Traditional Divinatory Tarot