KS Eight of Disks

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Eight of Disks

The Eight of Disks is about accumulation and advancement. It is about expanding our experience and knowledge, about getting Read more KS Eight of Disks

KS The Stars

Karpathy-Smith Tarot The Stars

It is not the Lovers but the Lover, and it is not the Star but the Stars. Sometimes a single letter can Read more KS The Stars

KS Knight of Swords

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Knight of Swords

The greatest challenge for the Knight of Swords is to make a definitive decision. They tend to jump into the fire without Read more KS Knight of Swords

KS Six of Swords

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Six of Swords

The Six of Swords is not that much about leaving but the baggage we take with us. It is what we choose to keep carrying and Read more KS Six of Swords

KS Ace of Wands

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is one of the most important cards of the Tarot deck. While the Fool is the central hero, the traveller, the Ace of Wands represents Read more KS Ace of Wands

KS Empress

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Empress

The Tarot deck has not three but four female archetypes. Instead of the maiden, mother and crone triplicity, there is a quartette that includes Read more KS Empress

KS Page of Disks

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Page of Disks

Pouring water over the institutionally rigid, sometimes petrified Virgo may have unforeseeable consequences. The emotional shock will disturb its Read more KS Page of Disks