Tarot of the Seals

Tarot of the Seals 2019

Hello, my friends!
Many people asked me about the Tarot of the Seals and how they could purchase the Tarot deck.
Considering my previous experience with publishing Tarot decks, I came to the conclusion that the best way to have this deck published is to have you involved, so I propose a partnership.
I created a special so-called “tire” on Patreon called “Tarot of the Seals”.
It is a one-time payment of 75 USD or more, and for your contribution, you will receive the Tarot deck soon as it will be published. I invest time and effort, you invest your trust and money.
Please get the word out and make some noise about this project. Any help is highly appreciated!
To have the deck published, we need 77 interested persons – so-called patrons.
Soon as there will be 77 people supporting this project and reach the target of 5.772 USD; the deck will be published and delivered to you.
Only 78 copies of the deck will be published in the 1st edition, and each contributors name will be listed on the printed mini-booklet.

The Tarot of the Seals is a traditional 78 cards Tarot deck, standard Tarot size 70mm x 121mm (2.75″ x 4.75″), printed on 310gsm French casino quality card stock with black core and linen finish, and delivered in a custom rigid box, shipping worldwide included.

Tarot of the Seals – Join $75 Tier
Tarot of the Seals - Join $75 Tierong>.

Tarot of the Seals 2019

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