The greatest trick

Tarot, The Devil
The greatest trick God ever pulled was convincing the world that he is all good, and there is a Devil who’s to blame for all the evil.
We also believe that we are all good and spotless, and when something is going wrong, there is something or someone on the outside to blame.
Apparently, as above, so below.
Someone stated that ‘There is no black or white. There are only infinite shades of grey.’
I used to believe the same, but then I realised it is an illusion. It’s a joke with the punchline that says ‘I’m a little bit pregnant.’ The idea is, one is pregnant or is not, there is no room for ‘infinite shades’. It is a commonly accepted and largely vehiculated New Age concept which states that ‘everybody is right’. However, when everybody is right, everybody is also wrong and, ultimately, the truth will be buried under infinite layers of ‘false truths’. On the one hand, it is an issue of perspective, on the other, who controls the narrative. Now, coming back to what I said, Lucifer was the ‘shiny one’, the ‘Light-Bringer’, stealing the light of knowledge from the god(s) and bring it to humanity. Earlier Sumerian myths mention similar storylines about Enki, later Greek mythology has the story of Prometheus. Generally speaking, you are correct, nobody is pure evil, nor all good, we’re complex creatures of qualities and flaws, but it is our responsibility to understand that and work upon ourselves to make improvements. Otherwise, we all going to stay grey.

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