Pathfinder – 7 cards Tarot spread

Written by  on December 9, 2015 

Sometimes the answer it’s right in front of us, but we still can’t see it. All the answers are within us, we only have to close our eyes and search for them deep inside, beneath the surface. From my experience, people reach out for fortune tellers to avoid making decisions and taking responsibilities. Nobody will make the right calls instead of us, nobody will make the heavy lifting instead of us and generally there is no easy way out or free ride through life. But Tarot cards can help us taking the best possible decisions and make some educated guesses.
This is a good 7 card Tarot spread for looking at the way things are heading in the querent’s life or in a particular problem. It shows the current trends, the influences and it gives helpful tips and hints for what the querents can do to help themselves and what pitfalls there are to avoid. The Tarot it’s a complex instument of self improvement, it will note take decisions instead of us, but can help us take decisions easier.

Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick seven cards. Place them as it shown face down. Turn them over one by one in order to read and interpret.


1st card – Present, current situation.
2nd card – Influences from the past.
3rd card – Near future, the direction according to our current choices and actions.
4th card – Obstacles that the querent must overcome or avoid.
5th card – Surprises. Unexpected happenings or influences.
6th card – Suggestions and tips for the querent: what to avoid.
7th card – Suggestions and tips for the querent: what need to be done.

Tarot Spread 05 7 card Pathfind

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