Unified Esoteric Tarot


After 25 years of study, research and practice, I want to put all my findings and conclusions into a book.
I find a new system and a very easy, transparent method to learn not only the Tarot deck, but simultaneously Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah and Alchemy combined all together.

For years now I’m asking, bagging, temping all my artist friends to create a Tarot deck. 78 cards seems to be a pretty big challenge, everybody bailed out on me so far.
Although I was painting myself quite consistently a couple of years ago, painting requesters time, patience and space. I lack all of them right now, but on 4th June 2017 I had a ‘thunderstruck’ in my head and I started to work on my own deck digitally. After all, I was working several years in a couple of companies as graphic designer and art-director.
Yesterday, 14 June I finished the art work of all the 78 cards.

I loved Crowley’s idea to give a specific name to each of his Numerals and I took this idea one step further and I add a Straight and Reversed ‘name’-key word or phrase to each of the 78 cards which make the reading more easy and efficient.
The cards are numbered first by Numerological considerations and secondly they are ordered from 1 to 78.
I wanted to keep everything simple and elegant, but focused on efficiency and ‘lucrativity’.
I love beautiful art work, but I prefer accuracy and efficiency more when it comes down to Tarot.
I hope you will enjoy and find my work useful!

The hard part just now begin. Publishing the book and a first limited edition of the deck will be the true challenge.

Anyone interested to find out more, to support and/or to purchase this deck and the book, should ask to join the public Facebook group: Unified Esoteric Tarot.

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