360 degrees Astrology and the Ten Sefirot

Jacobs ladder

I have several books dealing with 360 degrees Astrology.
Some of these, like Charubel or Antonio Borelli (or Bonelli), were published in the 1800s, others, like Lind Weber, are pretty recent, a work published in 2017. Many of these books may have older roots and known or unknown sources.
While these works are quite interesting, breaking down the decans to their degrees and attributing specific qualities, most of them lack systematization.
I am kind of obsessed with systems. Everything happens for a reason, and life, the universe, is pattern and rhythm-based. Most of the time, it may seem chaotic, but underneath the noise, there is always a melody. The tunes and rhythms are changing, but you can stay connected once you understand the mechanism.
First, I thought I could systematize the common features of these authors. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many common features.

Some of these authors tried to find mythological parallels, others angelical hierarchies, yet, none of them convinced me that they have a well-defined, reliable framework to build upon.
And I am a man of reason, and if you want me to climb, I will ask for a ladder, and if there is no ladder, I will try to build one by myself.
In this case, the ladder (…)

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