6 of Cups


Neptune was in Scorpio for everyone on Earth from October 1956 to November 1970 (and most recently before that in 1806). This was the “Sixties”, and with Neptune in Scorpio the energy was present and powerful to open you to the psychic side of life and/or to escape through drugs, alcohol, sex, meditation, or spiritual practice.
The path through Scorpio is transformation or degeneration, and not only was the choice intense and continual during this period, but many souls incarnating at this time were paying off past karmic debts by being born to parents abusing drugs. The exploration of both outer and inner worlds began with the space programs and the importation of eastern philosophy, techniques, and hallucinogenic substances. Many psychics and “sensitives” came in with Neptune in Scorpio. (If afflicted, the misuse of psychic energy in past lives requires purification in this one, or the opening of psychic centers can result in obsession). Unafraid of the “dark” side of life, you are interested in esoteric religion, the mystical and the occult. For many individuals with this placement, sexuality and physical desires are not only acceptable but also seen as spiritual. (Source: myastrologybook.com)

Neptune in Scorpio is unafraid of the darker aspects of life. They may be interested in the esoteric, the mystical or the occult sciences. They see physical desires and sexuality as a spiritual experience that is acceptable. They may find interest in eastern philosophies, practices or hallucinogens.
Scorpio Neptune’s passionate nature shows in everything they do, both internally and externally. They may become intrigued with religion or cults that share their beliefs. Paranormal phenomena are very interesting to them. They need to learn to discriminate in their beliefs, and not choose just to believe in something just because it may be profound or mystical. They may be selfish and self-sacrificing, which creates inner conflict for them. Dealing with deeper issues may help them overcome this.
Scorpio Neptune prefers to delve into the deep dark secrets of nature and the inner workings of the soul. They can see beyond reason into inspiration and perception. They can sometimes have a bad temper. If they are not careful, they can lose themselves in drugs or drink.
Neptune in Scorpio is aware of mankind’s potential for transformation away from their current materialism. Neptune in Scorpio can bring a lot of energy through sex, and they learn that they can also bring this ecstasy into the spiritual realm through discipline or blocking normal urges. They learn that altered states, no matter how they are accomplished, have the potential to lead one into the cosmic consciousness. This is a dangerous path, however, and that is part of the challenge. (Source: alwaysastrology.com)

Neptune in Scorpio, well aspected, gives a desire to delve into the secrets of nature and thus it is a good position for those who work in scientific or occult research. It gives energy, enthusiasm and inspirational perception beyond the realm of reason and augurs successful accomplishment of whatever is undertaken. But when afflicted it gives a terrible temper, a sensuous and passionate nature, an inordinate desire for drink or drugs and a tendency to drowning either by accident or design. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

8th House, House of Reincarnation (Death). Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person’s resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.

Neptune in the Eighth House, when well aspected, gives gain through the marriage partner, but not through the ordinary channels of business; it comes in a peculiar manner. This position is also favorable for occult investigation and often enables the person who has it to obtain information at first hand. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Eighth house it brings a loss by fraud or deception of the marriage partner, financial troubles with estates or corporations and a strange, unusual ending to the life. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 6 – Neptune, Reconciling/Emotional (Water)
Positive traits:
– Compassionate, imaginative, engaged, sympathy for others, unselfishness, love of home and domestic affairs, devoted, adaptable, accepting, freely renders service to others.
Negative traits:
– Self-righteousness, addict, oversensitive, indecisive, self-pitying, escapist, egotistical and susceptible to flattery, lazy.

Crowley: Pleasure. This card shows the influence of the number Six, Tiphareth, in the suit of Water. This influence is fortified by that of the Sun, who also represents the Six. The whole image is that of the influence of the Sun on Water. His fierce, but balanced power operates that type of putrefaction-he is in the Sign of Scorpio-which is the basis of all fertility, all life. The lotus stems are grouped in an elaborate dancing movement. From their blossoms water gushes into the Cups, but they are not yet full to overflowing, as they are in the corresponding card below; the Nine.
Pleasure, in the title of this card, must be understood in its highest sense: it implies well-being, harmony of natural forces without effort or strain, ease, satisfaction. Foreign to the idea of the card is the gratification of natural or artificial desires. Yet it does repre sent emphatically the fulfillment of the sexual Will, as shown by the ruling Sephira, planet, element, and sign.
In the Yi King, Sol in Scorpio is represented by the 20th Hexagram, Kwan, -~, which is also “Big Earth”, being the Earth Trigram -~- with doubled lines. Kwan means “manifesting”, but also “contemplating”. The Thwan refers directly to an High Priest, ceremonially purified, about to present his offerings. The idea of Pleasure-Putrefaction as a Sacrament is therefore implicit in this Hexagram as in this card; while the comments on the separate lines by the Duke of Chau indicate the analytical value of this Eucharist. It is one of the master-keys to the Gate of Initiation. To realjze and to enjoy this fully it is necessary to know, to understand, and to experience, the Secret of the Ninth Degree of the O.T.O.

Waite: Children in an old garden, their cups filled with flowers.
A card of the past and of memories, looking back, as – for example – on childhood; happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past; things that have vanished. Another reading reverses this, giving new relations, new knowledge, new environment, and then the children are disporting in an unfamiliar precinct.
Reversed: The future, renewal, that which will come to pass presently.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
3 of Hearts – Love and happiness when the entire spread is generally favorable. In a difficult spread, this can indicate emotional problems and an inability to decide who to love.


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