6 of Disks


Ceres in Taurus represents the need of nurturing, caring and sharing. It will manifest as generosity, optimism and positive thinking. In order to get some, you should give some first. It’s what Pagans call the Law of Return.
Modern day Pagans and Wiccans held a religious tenet, the so-called Rule of Three, also known as the Three-fold Law or Law of Return. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times. Some subscribe to a variant of this law in which return is not necessarily threefold.
Ceres in Taurus teaches us the lesson o generosity and patience. You have to invest – time, effort, emotions and faith – in order to obtain results. Nothing comes cheap or free, but if you’re dedicated to something, eventually your dreams might come true.

2nd House, House of Value (Wealth). Cultivation and growth. Money. Belongings, property, acquisitions. Material and immaterial things of certain value.

The Number 12 – Ceres, Reconciling/ Practical (Earth)
Positive traits:
– Nurturing, analytical, practical, pragmatism, reliable, systematic, attention to detail, precise, grounded, capable of self-sacrifice, independent, good organizer, creative expression, communicative, writing skills.
Negative traits:
– Sceptical, scattered, fussy, overly reserved, obsessive, selfish, egocentric, unrealistic, caught up in detail, inflexible, interfering, too serious, argumentative.

Crowley: Success. The Number Six, Tiphareth, as before, represents the full harmonious establishment of the Energy of the Element. The Moon in Taurus rules the card; and this, while increasing the approach to perfection (for the Moon is exalted in Taurus and therefore in her highest form) marks that the condition is transient. The disks are arranged in the form of the Hexagram, which is shown in skeleton. In the centre blushes and glows the light rose- madder of dawn, and without are three concentric circles, golden yellow, salmon-pink, and amber.
These colours show Tiphareth fully realized on Earth; it reaffirms in form what was mathematically set forth in describing the Ace. The planets are arranged in accordance with their usual attribution; but they are only shown as disks irradiated by the Sun in their centre.
This Sun is idolized as the Rose and Cross; the Rose has forty- nine petals, the interplay of the Seven with the Seven.

Waite: A person in the guise of a merchant weighs money in a pair of scales and distributes it to the needy and distressed. It is a testimony to his own success in life, as well as to his goodness of heart.
Presents, gifts, gratification another account says attention, vigilance now is the accepted time, present prosperity, etc.
Reversed: Desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards: 3 of Diamonds – A legal letter. Be tactful with others in order to avoid disputes.


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