8 of Disks


Ceres in Virgo represents nurturing, caregiving, motherly protection, but also to be cautious, taking care of some health or spirituality related issues.
This Tarot card is generally interpreted in relation with money problems and material growth, but Ceres is not about the material world, is more about spiritual values. Ceres may shine the light on a new path, might be the revelation which leads us to a new level of understanding, knowledge or faith.
It is the card of the spiritual healer.

6th House, House of Health (Health). Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Caretaking.

The Number 12 – Ceres, Reconciling/ Practical (Earth)
Positive traits:
– Nurturing, analytical, practical, pragmatism, reliable, systematic, attention to detail, precise, grounded, capable of self-sacrifice, independent, good organizer, creative expression, communicative, writing skills.
Negative traits:
– Sceptical, scattered, fussy, overly reserved, obsessive, selfish, egocentric, unrealistic, caught up in detail, inflexible, interfering, too serious, argumentative.

Crowley: Prudence. The number Eight, Hod, is very helpful in this card, because it represents Mercury in his most spiritual aspect, and he both rules and is exalted in the sign of Virgo, which belongs to the Decan, and is governed by the Sun. It signifies intelligence lovingly applied to material matters, especially those of the agriculturalist, the artificer and the engineer.
One might suggest that this card marks the turn of the tide. The seven of Disks is in one sense the fullest possible establishment of Matter-compare Atu XV-the lowest fallen and therefore the highest exalted. These last three cards seem to prepare the explosion which will renew the whole Cycle. Note that Virgo is Yod, the secret seed of Life, and also the Virgin Earth awaiting the Phallic Plough.
The interest of this card is the interest of the common people. The rulership of the Sun in Virgo suggests also birth. The disks are arranged in the form of the geomantic figure Populus. These disks may be represented as the flowers or fruits of a great tree, its solid roots in fertile land. In the Yi King, Sol in Virgo is represented by the 33rd Hexa gram, Thun, “Big Air”. It means “retiring”; and the com mentary indicates how best to make use of that manoeuvre. This is congruous enough with the essence of Virgo, the secret withdrawing of Energy into the fallow Earth. Populus, moreover, is the Moon retiring from manifestation to her conjunction with the Sun.

Waite: An artist in stone at his work, which he exhibits in the form of trophies.
Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business, perhaps in the preparatory stage.
Reversed: Voided ambition, vanity, cupidity, exaction, usury. It may also signify the possession of skill, in the sense of the ingenious mind turned to cunning and intrigue.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
6 of Diamonds – Relationship problems, arguments. Separation.


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