9 of Cups


When the Moon is found in Pisces, your emotions are likely to be pronounced. Pisces is the final sign of The Zodiac, and has much to do with sensitivity – to oneself, to other people, and to the mysterious, unseen forces that shape our world. With the Moon in Pisces, you are likely to be strongly influenced by the compassionate, creative, imaginative, romantic and idealistic aspects of life.
On an instinctive level, you may have a natural affinity with the abstract or intuitive. This affinity can be a blessing, or a curse. The quality of your journey will have much to do with how prepared you are to recognize these sensitivities, and give them the respect that they deserve. You are likely to be able to sense the hidden or energetic levels of life, soaking up atmospheres as if you were a sponge. Your feelings about people and situations are likely to be immediate, accurate and intense. Understanding that your feelings provide valuable information, but can lead you astray sometimes, means that you will need to learn to recognize the difference between an intuitive response to something, and an emotional reaction that is based on your opinion of whatever is going on.
Your imagination is likely to be strong. You will find all manner of nuance in a variety of experiences. Whether you prefer to escape into a comfortable world of your own daydreams, or immerse yourself in art, anything that works to activate your imagination feels like coming home, enabling you to nurture your soul. You are likely to respond to visual and emotional stimuli, which work to jettison you off into the many worlds of your imagination. Here you can find recreation and release.
This is a great advantage if you turn your talents to anything creative. Most often, the Piscean energy is expressed through abstract art forms. (Source: starslikeyou.com.au)

The Moon in Pisces gives a receptive mind and a fertile imagination with a disposition to indolence and self-pity, vacillation and faint-heartedness, makes one fond of creaming rather than acting, therefore sorrow, trouble and self-undoing beset the path in life. This position not infrequently leads to mediumship, especially if Neptune is in adverse aspect, for these people are peculiarly sensitive to the flattery of spirit-controls and love anything that will stir their emotions. They are also very wordy in their expressions. If a good aspect from Venus and Mercury enables them to take up music they play with extraordinary inspiration and feeling. If the Moon is afflicted in Pisces love-affairs are apt to bring the person into trouble. If Pisces is in the Twelfth House and the Moon there at birth this will give a liability on the part of the parents to drink and thus to neglect their children who may then become the wards of charitable institutions until they reach maturity. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

12th House, House of Self-Undoing (Prison). Mysticism and mystery. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Privacy, retreat, reflection, and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious. Unknown enemies.

The Moon in the Twelfth House if well-aspected gives success in such work as is performed in seclusion away from the public gaze, in prisons, hospitals or charitable institutions. There is also a liability to become involved in clandestine love-affairs but if the Moon is well-aspected the person will be able to keep this a secret. If the Moon is afflicted there is a danger of secret enemies, trouble and persecution. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 4 – Moon, Reactive/Emotional (Water)
Positive traits:
– Self-expressive in many ways, emotional, artistic gifts, highly imaginative, scrupulous, loyal, inspiration and keen imagination, adaptable, caring, dependable, responsive.
Negative traits:
– Shyness, timidity, fears, lack of imagination, day dreaming, moody, Clingy, self-pitying, oversensitive, self-absorbed.

Crowley: Happiness. The Number Nine, Yesod, in the suit of Water, restores the stability lost by the excursions of Netzach and Hod from the Middle Pillar. It is also the number of the Moon, thus strengthening the idea of Water. In this card is the pageant of the culmination and perfection of the original force of Water. The Ruler is Jupiter in Pisces. This influence is more than sympathetic; it is a definite benediction, for Jupiter is the planet of Chesed which represents Water in its highest material manifestation, and Pisces brings out the placid qualities of Water.
In the symbol are nine cups perfectly arranged in a square; all are filled and overflowing with Water. It is the most complete and most beneficient aspect of the force of Water. The Geomantic Figure Laetitia ~ is ruled by Jupiter in Pisces. For its meaning consult the “Handbook of Geomancy” (Equinox Vol I, No.2). Laetitia, Joy, gladness, is one of the best and most powerful of the sixteen figures; for the Solar, Lunar, and Mercurial symbols are, at the best, ambiguous and treacherously ambivalent; those of Venus portend rather relief than positive beneficence; Saturn and Mars are seen at their worst; and even the stablecompanion of Laetitia, Acquisitio, has its unpleasant aspects, and even its dangers. But the consonance of Laetitia with this card amounts to little less than an identity; the wine is poured by Ganymede himself, unstinted vintage of true nectar of the Gods, brimful and running over, an ordered banquet of delight, True Wisdom self-fulfilled in Perfect Happiness.

Waite: A goodly personage has feasted to his heart’s content, and abundant refreshment of wine is on the arched counter behind him, seeming to indicate that the future is also assured. The picture offers the material side only, but there are other aspects.
Concord, contentment, physical bien-être; also victory, success, advantage; satisfaction for the Querent or person for whom the consultation is made.
Reversed: Truth, loyalty, liberty; but the readings vary and include mistakes, imperfections, etc.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
4 of Hearts – Travel, change of home or business.


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