An alternative architecture of the Major Arcana

The alternative architecture of the Major Arcana

The alternative architecture of the Major Arcana
Learning is not a matter of memorising but understanding. Learning begins with unlearning. One should keep its mind and options open.
When it comes to the Tarot deck, it is not about the cards separately but discovering the subtle connection between them and look at the deck as a complex system similar to a clockwork. Each individual piece is essential, but only together, they make sense.
Most commonly, the Tarot deck is divided into two the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of twenty-two so-called Trumps, while the Minor Arcana consists of four Suits, each of fourteen cards.
There are many different ways to look at the cards of the Major Arcana. It is a generally accepted convention that the Major Arcana consists of twenty-two so-called Trumps. However, this may not be entirely accurate. While the oldest known fifteenth-century Italian Tarot decks had no name nor numbering on the cards, according to the later developed tradition, the Major Arcana cards were numbered with Roman numerals as a distinction to the Minor Arcana cards which were numbered with Arab numbers. The number-ing, most likely, resulted from the need for a hierarchical order to play the Tarot card game. The Roman numerals have no zero. Therefore, The Fool initially had no number – just like Death had no name in some of the early decks. In the Tarot card game, The Fool is considered a wild card, out of sequence and practically do not belong to any of the Arcanas. Although it beats any Trump, it has no value. The Fool is the equivalent of the Joker in some modern card decks. Interestingly, in the first certified esoteric – divinatory – Tarot deck, Etteilla’s Book of Thoth, The Fool is numbered seventy-eight and positioned at the very end of the deck.
Astrology is based on Geometry, and the Tarot is Astrology based. The structure of the Tarot deck is numerologically founded. Sacred numbers such as three, four or seven plays a special role in its architecture.

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