Archetypes and genders within the Major Arcana cards

Archetypes and geders

The things we have been taught, the way we have been educated and cultivated, shaped the way we think. These patterns are the measure of our artificial limitations. What concerns me is that we accept and learn – memorise – anything without questioning and thinking. “Believe and do not question” applies not exclusively to the church dogmas but also to rational and scientific matters. Esotericism, although dealing with the invisible aspects of our universe – the macrocosm – and ourselves – the microcosm –, it is science.

Gender is an essential feature in identifying the corresponding archetype of each Tarot card correctly.

The dualistic model is a harmful deviation from the basic hermetic principles. Hermeticism, on the other hand, is a true mirror of the universe and represents triplicity. Hermeticism is not speculative, but pragmatic: one plus two equals three. One of the simplest representation of triplicity is within genders: female, male and androgynous. However, instead of mother, father and child, the dualistic model eliminated the feminine principle and created an awkward model of two male figures and an undefined entity, respectively father, son and the Holy Spirit.

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Archetypes and geders

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