Cartomancy and timing

Cartomancy and timing
One of the frequently debated issues regarding cartomancy is the determination of time. Nowadays, cartomancers use different, sometimes quite out of the box, methods for determining the time associated with the cards.
It is a common misconception that Suits represent seasons; most frequently Wants are considered to represent Spring, Cups Summer, Swords Autumn and Disks Winter. According to another method, Wands represent days, Swords weeks, Cups months and Disks years. Therefore, Two of Wands may indicate a distance of two days; Five of Swords may refer to something five weeks away; Six of Cups may refer to six months, while Nine of Disks can be nine years distant. Generally, reversed cars are considered to suggest delays.
However, one should bear in mind that not all the Wands represents Spring, not all the Cups represents Summer, not all the Swords represents Autumn and not all the Disks represents Winter. The only cards directly related to the seasons are the Aces and, to some extent, the Kings. Spring, for instance, is composed of three Zodiac signs, Aries – representing Wands (Fire), Taurus – representing Disks (Earth) and Geminin – representing Swords (Air).
In order to maintain accuracy, one should refer to Astrology. The architecture of the Tarot deck being entirely astrological, the rigorous determination of time… the full article is available on Patreon Study and research requires support!

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