Culture of fear

Culture of fear

Culture of fear
One of my patrons, commented a couple of days ago: ‘I too am finding this a difficult period, everybody I know is downbeat too. I wonder if there are astrological reasons for these troubled times?’

Well, I don’t actually. I’m not that person who checks the chart every day, not even regularly. I think it is important to be aware of the astral circumstances and external influences. Still, it is equally crucial to observe what’s happening in our proximity.
The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto from the beginning of the year is still the dominant force. This conjunction may bring to the surface issues which have been ignored, brushed under the rug, for a very long time. Unexpected things may happen.
Picture this conjunction with the association of two Tarot cards: The Devil (Saturn) and The Tower (Pluto). Some unseen forces hidden in the shadow are generating chaos.
Chaos was always the most fertile soil for creating distractions (diversion) and making a profit – gaining something, not necessarily materially or immediately.
And one of the most efficient instruments in these circumstances is generation emotional pressure, fear, respectively panic.

The culture of fear – or climate of fear – is the concept that (…) Full text available exclusively at

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