Dragons Tarot

Dragons are common in legend the world over. Many cultures, separated by distance and time, have stories, art, or myths of fire-breathing lizards or giant reptiles often representing nature, chaos or the four elements. In modern times we have the contemporary version – the fantasy dragon of science-fiction and fantasy fiction.
The Dragons Tarot honours all of them in its 78 multicultural, and very colourful, fully-illustrated Tarot cards.
The deck features some very diverse dragons from small goanna-like reptiles and feathered snake-like creatures to magnificent winged dragons. The dragons differ in cultural background, appearance, colour and activity and are companions, competition, prey, mortal enemies, guardians, steeds, and even constellations to humans. Dragons are the subject of art, heraldry, tapestries, sculpture, architecture and rock paintings, all rendered on the cards in colours from all over the palette and surrounded by a deep red border.
The cards’ artistic style may seem familiar – the artist is Severino Baraldi, who has worked on several fantasy or historically-based decks from Lo Scarabeo, including the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient, Ramses: Tarot of Eternity and the Tarot of the Druids. (aeclectic.net)

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