Hexa Tarot – preview

Hexa Tarot the alchemical key to the tarot

Hexa Tarot the alchemical key to the tarot

It is called Hexa Tarot and it is my newborn brainchild. It is a hex shaped Tarot deck dealing with the alchemical key to Tarot. It will be delivered in a custom tuck box with an eight-sided, accordion printed mini-booklet. Separately there will be a larger book available on Lulu. At the moment I have no clue when I will make it available. As you can see, the cards are not even out of the factory shrink-wrap.
Just for the record. It is quite annoying to bother people with my work. Makes me feel like I am a door-to-door salesman – which I am not. I am not a merchant, I am an occultist, respectively a “mixed esoteric artist”. I create exclusively Tarot deck with high esoteric content. Not for the fortune, nor for the fame, but for people willing to learn and develop. That’s it! Take it or leave it, it is your choice.

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