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One very frequently asked question regarding the Tarot is if you need special psychic abilities to use the Tarot cards in order to make predictions?
The answer is a definite NO. Although, most of my “colleagues” in the field will try to make you believe they are “special”.
Anybody can learn to use the Tarot cards to make his/her own predictions. It’s a matter of training and practice, that’s all that it is. The more you work with yourself and the Tarot cards the clearer and more precise your prediction will become.
You should bear in mind there are many different methods to predict the future. For instance, physics is about predicting the future. Physics often enables us to answer some questions with a satisfying degree of certainty. Knowing and using the right formulas we can predict how far we can get in one hour by foot, as well we can calculate how fast we can get in the same place using a car or a bicycle. What physics fail to predict is if we will have a puncture or we will meet an old friend and stay for a chat on our way there or even make a detour.
The Tarot has two major functions: it enables you to improve yourself and to make predictions, with view to explore the possibilities of the future.
While some mathematical formulas enable us to calculate the physical distance between two persons, the Tarot enables us to know and understand the emotional and spiritual dimension, the unseen bonds between the two people. There are no known formulas by which to calculate what are somebody’s feelings or thoughts. The amount of our emotions and thoughts can’t be quantified or measured, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
There is a visible, touchable, physical world and there is an invisible, untouchable, hidden world. The Tarot will enable you to peek into that invisible world and make the right decisions by means of accessing all the available information.
Understanding and learning the Tarot system and the cards will contribute to your personal development and will activate in due course unused and unexpected capabilities within you. Practice will make you a better, stronger, more perceptive and intuitive self.
Jacob’s Ladder with Tarot Cards, aims to provide you with an efficient tool to learn fast and easy the significance of the Tarot cards to make your own predictions from the very first use.


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