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Karpathy-Smith Tarot The Fool

I think that The Fool is the most mysterious and impossible to pinpoint cards of the entire Tarot deck. While traditionally the Major Arcana cards are numbered with Roman numerals, The Fool is unnumbered, marked with the intriguing Arab zero or, as it is the case in Etteilla’s Tarot, is the card at the end of the deck. An unfitting, out of sequence card.
Aesthetically, I was always intrigued by the Sun positioned behind The Fool. It suggests sunset and old age, which is odd considering the attributes attached to the card. This adventurous young man should have the Sun in front of him, should be blinded by the Sun. He is ignorant. Thinks that he knows everything, but he understands nothing.
Astrologically, it represents Mars in Cancer, and therefore, The Fool is a true embodiment of the Lover (as the Lovers rightful meaning is choice).

The Karpathy-Smith deck is a limited, 780 copies only, refreshing Tarot, a reimagining of the original Rider-Waite deck using mixed media techniques.
78+2 cards, 310 gsm, casino quality card stock, linen finish.
8-sided, accordion, printed mini-booklet, numbered, personalized, including instructions for 2 spreads, upright and reversed meaning for all the 78 cards and the diagram for the 32 paths of Wisdom.
Two packing options, rigid box and velvet bag.

Available exclusively at https://tarotator.com/unified-esoteric-tarot-shop/ and in my Etsy store.

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