Modern Medieval Tarot

The Modern Medieval Tarot is a mix of the contemporary and the Middle Ages, blended in a smooth photographic collage. Rather than aiming for historical accuracy, it’s a surreal dream-like combination of eras.
The creators of the deck are very clear about what they set out to do. In the LWB they write: “We haven’t tried to re-create accurate historical images as might be found in a period movie, rather we’ve aimed for a surreal and dream like amalgam of the old and new.” Measured against these goalposts, the Modern Medieval is a resounding success. The deck is undeniably modern, created using a combination of photographs and digital collage, yet the style is not only medieval, but gothic, romantic and sumptuous. And although, yes, the images are Photoshopped, the planning, design and creativity that went into creating each one is immediately clear.
Instead of flat illustrations, we are presented with living and breathing scenes. The deck is predominantly photographic, and every human figure is played by an actor – a real person, dressed in medieval-style costume of deep velvet or chainmail, with dramatic make-up and ornate jewellery. In this sense, the Modern Medieval is immensely theatrical and each card has been created as one might create a scene on a stage, using props, lighting, backgrounds and sets.


Created by Shayn Amber Wetherell
Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – AGM Müller 2007

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