Something extraordinary was perverted into something ordinary

Indie Deck Review (Amanda Bell): What is your favorite/most learned from/most drawn to deck?

AB: I prefer the classic decks. Starting from the Visconti-family decks, the Sola-Busca, the original Tarot de Marseille decks, the Etteilla decks, and up till the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, which, in my opinion, represents the transition from tradition to modern decks. I also love the Crowley’s Toth deck. The Death card painted by Lady Harris is breathtaking! However, I have to mention, that the cardmaking till the 20th century was a very special and exclusivist – esoteric occupation. The tradition was handed down from one generation to another, from father to son and from masters to apprentices. For that matter, cartomancy, the art of reading the cards, was also the privilege of the few – once again, it was strictly esoteric. The 20th century and the technological development put an end of these traditions – I would add, unfortunately. Today everybody is a psychic, a card reader, while the market is flooded with thousands and thousands of Tarot decks. Something spiritual was turned into something material and strictly commercial; something esoteric and extraordinary was perverted into something ordinary. There are many beautiful decks out there created by very talented artists, but many of these decks have no esoteric consistency. The Tarot deck is a highly sophisticated instrument of prediction and self-development, but as any practical instrument, it has to be crafted by a master. Would you drive a car built by a carpenter or would you submit yourself for heart surgery to a locksmith?

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2 comments on “Something extraordinary was perverted into something ordinary

  1. You’re absolutely wrong and deliberately pushing lies when you describe cartomancy as the preserve of the few. It was the occupation—and ofttimes the only means of survival for Roma and white women especially of the lower strata.

    Stop coveting the Gifts of Women and accept you’re just another white materialistic male trying to control an art which doesn’t rightfully belong to you.

    There was no golden era because for 2000 years white Christian men burned to death its vanguard: crones with black cats.

  2. First of all, it seems you are both a racist and a misandrist. From my experience, hate will never elevate or liberate someone. Hate will only bring you lower and will make you feel even more bitter, angrier and frustrated. Education, on the other hand, is the only way to elevation and, ultimately, liberation. Secondly, it seems you do not know anything about the Golden Age, nor the Tarot. Study, reading may fix this issue. If you will looking hard enough, you will find the truth. It is the Winter Solstice time, wish you peace, love, health and wonderful holidays!

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