Specitime and the definition of God

Sepher Yetzirah and Tarot

Sepher Yetzirah and Tarot
These sacred texts are always subject of interpretations.

‘Three Mothers: Alef Mem Shin
He engraved them, He carved them,
He permuted them, He weighed them,
And with them He depicted
Three Mothers AMSh in the Universe,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Year,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Soul,
male and female.’

Verse 3:3 from the Sepher Yetzirah reminded me of the ‘spacetime’ mathematical model brought up by Albert Einstein in 1905. Spacetime fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold.
The three Mother Letters correspond to the concept that three letters are making up God’s name, respectively Yod, He, and Vav. Here, Alef represents the space – the universe, Mem the time – year, and Shin the man – soul, at the centre of everything – which we should bear in mind that ‘God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them’. Therefore, the ‘definition’ of God is man, time and space. What about that?

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