Gypsy Oracle Cards – cards and meaning

Gypsy Oracle Cards

Evoking another time and place, this reproduction of a nineteenth-century deck characterizes a bygone era, while offering old-fashioned guidance and wisdom. With any sort of fortune deck it is already suggested that the reader needs to read between the lines since the placement of the cards will not necessarily make sense towards the question asked. Read more Gypsy Oracle Cards – cards and meaning

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The Gypsy fortune telling cards

Gypsy fortune telling cards

The origin of the modern Gypsy fortune telling cards are the Sibilla cards. About the classic Sibilla cards, there is unfortunately very little historical information.
The term Sibilla was derived from the ancient word Sibyl, which means as much as prophet, seer, oracle. The first mentions a sibyl go on Plato’s works, back in the 4th centurie before Christ. Read more The Gypsy fortune telling cards

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