Temple of Secrets – The Reinhard Schmid Tarot deck

Temple of Secrets

Since 1994 Reinhard Schmid has been working on a big piece (15 by 45 feet) about TAROT cards in the former chapel of the Buergerspital (old hospital) inside the chapel.
In the late 18th century Court de Gébelin invented a wonderful story about the 22 major Arcana (cards with mysterious images), claiming that they were actually created by an ancient Egyptian god. According to that story the priests and wise men and women had accumulated enormous knowledge. They were really concerned, this knowledge could get lost and so one day they met to find a way to preserve it for all times. The idea to carve deep symbols into the walls of the pyramids was dismissed, because man made, even these giant monuments could be destroyed. Read more Temple of Secrets – The Reinhard Schmid Tarot deck