The Sickly Tarot


Jack Alfred Raymond Sickly (JARS) is an American-Swiss artist. The core research of the project was done from September to December of 2007, gigabytes of images and documents compiled. He started working on the Sickly Tarot project on September 30th, 2007 and the work was completed on April 9th, 2017.
The finished product is a 78-card standard Tarot deck, plus two additional suits of 15 cards apiece, The Sickly Suit, respectively The Seventh Suit, and a joker card, The King of Limbs inspired by Radiohead, summing a total of 109 original cards plus a back panel.
Every 11 by 17-inch piece is drawn entirely by hand with black Pilot G2 gel pen on Canson eighth-inch graph paper – freehand without pencil or straight-edge, no tracing – ranging between 20 and 140 hours of focused, conscious work per card. Read more The Sickly Tarot

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