Tarot of Cyclicity, The Magician

Tarot of Cyclicity, The Magician

Tarot of Cyclicity, The Magician

I – The Magician – 1 – Aleph (between Keter and Binah) – Air/Chest
According to A.E. Waite, The Magician “card signifies the divine motive in man, reflecting God, the will in the liberation of its union with that which is above. It is also the unity of individual being on all planes, and in a very high sense it is thought, in the fixation thereof.”

Traditional esoteric interpretation.
Upright: androgynous principle, son, life force, apprentice, learning process, study, information, communication, balance, impartiality.
Reversed: infidelity, inconsistency, annoyance, superficiality, gossip, duplicity, moodiness, scatteredness, psychiatric disorders.

Modern interpretation.
More recently, authors have associated The Magician with planet Mercury. Mercury is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Gemini.
Astrologically and psychologically, The Magician’s profile fits the archetype associated with the zodiac sign Gemini respectively governs the Third House, which is known as the House of Communication.
Upright: adaptability.
Reversed: inconsistency.

(Excerpt from the book “Tarot renewal” by Attila Blága. Full or partial use of this text for commercial or non-commercial distribution by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by the author.)

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