Tarot timeline in 50 imagines, video 11 Strength

The timeline of the Tarot in 50 imagines

The timeline of the Tarot in 50 imagines is a project I was thinking about, and I have planned and prepared for a while now.
I wanted to create a series of 22 short videos presenting the evolution and the diversity of the design/artwork of the Tarot cards of the so-called Major Arcana.
Although the abundance of the Tarot, respectively Tarot-like Oracles starting from the 20th century is overwhelming, I wanted to keep the videos short and consistent.

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The 1st video of the series is The Magician https://youtu.be/G-S6KKO2I_U
The 2nd video is The High Priestess https://youtu.be/Mc7ZBUbZeKc
The 3rd video is The Empress https://youtu.be/-mGjN2x9Mfc
The 4th video is The Emperor https://youtu.be/k-VOLOJysEc
The 5th video is The Hierophant https://youtu.be/KJiYtqlDDcE
The 6th video is The Lover(s) https://youtu.be/CEoq2vt9JHk
The 7th video is The Chariot https://youtu.be/83SKkdV3-JQ
The 8th video is Justice https://youtu.be/YD_wTYRUMJU
The 9th card is The Hermit https://youtu.be/8QTLvLAtvFQ
The 10th card is Wheel of Fortune https://youtu.be/svxumQn5Ono
The 11th card is Strength https://youtu.be/JAzAdIm6yC4

Strength, the traditional interpretation of the card:

Energy, vigour, creativity, sexuality, lust, virility, courage, fortitude, secret strength, discipline, devotion, self-sacrifice.
Roughness, cruelty, impatience, anger, discord, abuse of power, inhibition, difficulties expressing oneself, repression, impotence.

Featured Tarot decks:

1420’s and 1460’s – Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot
1420’s and 1460’s – Visconti-Sforza Tarot
1550 – Estensi Tarot
1650 – The Tarot of Jacques Viéville
1650 – Jean Noblet Tarot of Marseille
1713-1760 – Jean-Pierre Payen Tarot of Marseille
1748 – Grimaud-Marteau Tarot of Marseille
1760 – Conver Tarot of Marseille
1780 – Ancient Tarot of Bologna
1789 – Grand Etteilla
1804 – Etteilla’s Book of Thoth
1810 – Ancient Tarot of Lombardy
1830 – Tarot d’ Epinal
1863 – Paul Christian
1889 – Oswald Wirth
1893 – Tarot of the Master
1909 – Papus
1910 – Rider-Waite-Smith
1929 – Knapp-Hall
1944 (first published in 1969) – Aleister Crowley’s Thoth
1968-1974 – Gypsy Tarot
1977 – Golden Dawn
1979-1981 – Michael Bellon
1979 – Morgan-Greer
1980 – The Magic Tarot by Frederick Lionel
1988 – Jungian Tarot by Robert Wang
1988 – Cosmic Tarot
1990 – Haindl Tarot
1990 – Hermetic Tarot
1990 – Tarot of the Old Path
1992 – Katalin Szegedi
1994 – Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place
1994 – Kazanlar Tarot
1995 – Röhrig Tarot
1996 – Rolla Nordic Tarot
1997 – Tarot Of Ceremonial Magick
1998 – Crystal Tarot deck by Elisabetta Trevisan
1998 – Tarot of Aquarius Era
2001 – Tarot of the Sephiroth by Dan Staroff
2004 – Akron Tarot
2004 – Golden Tarot deck by Kat Black
2005 – Tarot of Reflections
2006 – Demeroticon Tarot
2007 – Sensual Wicca Tarot
2008 – Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn
2008 – Langustl Tarot
2009 – Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot
2014 – Deviant Moon Tarot
2017 – Ostara Tarot
2018 – Unified Esoteric Tarot

More decks at http://tarotator.com/tarot-decks/

Music Touch Tone by The Mini Vandals.

The timeline of the Tarot in 50 imagines

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