Tarot: what is it and what is it not

Tarot: what is it and what is it not

Most people use the Tarot cards to make predictions about their future. They are generally interested in the three fundamental aspects of life: love, wealth and health. These represent the base level of our desires, originated from our most elementary needs, for food, shelter and sex that are shared by all living creatures and these represent our physical desires.
But the Tarot is much more than this!
First of all you have to understand that the Tarot is about You.
In Astrology you can read anybody’s natal chart, in Numerology you can calculate anybody’s numbers and you can learn things about him or her, but the Tarot is exclusively about You. Your life, your choices, your problems and your solutions. It is about your path through life and your material, emotional and spiritual evolution, stagnation or even regression.
While the Tarot cards will show you the possibilities, you are in charge, you would take decisions that you could benefit from – or suffer – their consequences.
Of course, some may argue that you can execute a Tarot reading for anybody, even for somebody who’s not aware of your actions, but from my experience a Tarot reading is never accurate for somebody who is not physically present or at least he or she do not explicitly expressed their will to have that Tarot reading.

You want to know if your partner really loves you?
Well, the Tarot is not your ultimate supernatural spying tool. As discerning adults you should have a face to face discussion with your partner on these topics if you have doubts or any kind or suspicions.
Actually, in this example the right question would be: do you really love your partner?
Exploring in-depth the answer to this question you might be surprised how many things you will discover and a reading can reveal regarding your own true feelings, desires and your relationships.

Tarot is ultimately an instrument of enlightenment and the most sophisticated tool of self-awareness. Enlightenment relays on self-exploration and self-observation. It’s a long and hard way, but the Tarot will be your companion and guide.
In all ancient teachings the first demand at the beginning of the way to liberation was: ‘Know thyself.’
Know thyself is the key function of the Tarot.

According to Gurdjieff: “self-study is the work or the way which leads to self-knowledge.”
While the man represents the microcosm and the Universe the macrocosm, knowing and understanding one leads to knowing and understanding the other. ‘Know thyself’ will lead you to know and understand the others around you better. It will improve your relationships and ultimately will help you understand the Universe, how things work and how they relate to each other and how to understand each other.

Excerpt from the book ‘The Tarot and the Jacob’s Ladder’ by Attila Blaga. Full or partial use of this text for commercial or non-commercial distribution by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by the author.

Tarot: what is it and what is it not

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