The 32 paths of Wisdom in the Kárpáthy-Smith deck

The 32 paths of Wisdom i

The 32 paths of Wisdom i
The Sefer Yetzirah describes how ‘Yah, Lord of Hosts, God of Israel, the living God, King of the universe, El Shaddai, Merciful and Gracious, High and Exalted, dwelling in eternity, whose name is Holy – He is lofty and holy’ created ‘His universe with thirty-two mystical paths of Wisdom’.
These mysterious ‘thirty-two mystical paths of Wisdom’ are composed by the ‘Ten Sefirot of Nothingness and twenty-two Foundation Letters: three Mothers, seven Doubles and twelve Elementals.’
The Tree of Life’s architecture and the distribution of the twenty-two letters on the Tree differ between the Hebrew and the so-called Hermetic interpretation, respectively it further debated among scholars. The apple of discord among scholars is the planetary attribution of the Seven Double Letters. To begin with, the text of Sefer Yetzirah is not very specific, offering two alternatives in consecutive verses. One possible attribution is Mercury to Bet, Moon to Gimel, Venus to Dalet, Jupiter to Kaph, Mars to Pe, Sun to Resh and finally Saturn to Taw. However, other options can and should be explored by axiom seekers. Only following the travelled roads will only get us all to the same destination over and over again. At the same time, enlightenment is a matter of reasoning and personal choices. Not taking everything for granted should be the very first law for anyone in search of illumination.
Atziluth is known as the Archetypal World, and it is androgynous by nature. Therefore, it is associated with the Pages. It represents the human desire or the divine will.
Briah is known as the Creative World. The ‘magick wand of creation’ often is associated with the phallus. Thus it is attributed to the Knights.
Yetzirah is the World of Formation. It can be associated with the womb, and therefore, relates to the Queens.
Assiah is the Material World. Both astrologically and alchemically represents the transformation of masculine energy into feminine, respectively the re-unification of them back into androgynous. It is associated with the Kings.
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The Karpathy-Smith deck is a limited edition, 780 copies only modern Tarot, a reimagining of the classic Ride-Waite deck using mixed media techniques.
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8-sided, according, printed mini-booklet, numbered and personalized, including instructions for 2 spreads, upright and reversed meaning for all the 78 cards and the diagram for the 32 paths of Wisdom.
Two packing options, rigid box or velvet bag.

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