The numbering of the small cards and their numerological value

The numbering of the Numerals and their numerical value accordin

The numbering of the Numerals and their numerical value accordin
The first thing to understand is the origin and nature of numbering of the thirty-six so-called small cards or Numerals. The numbers assigned to the cards are following the astrological sequence as they are distributed on the Zodiac Wheel and have nothing to do with their actual numerological value. For example, Two of Wands is associated with the first decan of Aries, which is ruled by planet Mars and its numerical value, according to the Chaldean method, is nine. Actually, in the Golden Dawn system, there are only five cards out of thirty-six which number and numerological value coincide. Those cards are Eight of Cups, Two of Swords, Nine of Swords, Four and Five of Disks.
The Zodiac Wheel is divided into four quarters, each representing one season and including three Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign is further divided into three so-called decans, each representing ten degrees of the Zodiac. One quarter is compound by nine decades. The Numerals from two to ten are distributed on each quarter according to their astrological attribution.

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