The Sherlock Holmes Tarot deck

The new Sherlock Holmes deck is unlike any I have used before. As the book that comes with the set says: “…the imagery, while echoing that of a standard tarot deck, to a degree, also offers different images and interpretations.”
Very different, I would say. The suits, for example, are observation, evidence, analysis and deduction rather than swords, wands, cups and coins. You only have to look at the photos of cards on this post to see that they offer some very non-standard depictions and names and there is even a new wild card – the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Even if you are an experienced tarot reader, you will have to read the book before using the set, and then familiarise yourself quite well with the individual cards before doing a reading.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past week or so doing just that, and I’ve come to like this deck a lot. It seems particularly good when you have a specific question you want an answer about, such as what to do about a work situation or a relationship. Mind you, don’t go taking all the murder scenes too literally – a card showing a detective leaning over a dead body probably just means make sure you have all the evidence from the clues before jumping to a conclusion. Bumping off an annoying colleague or spouse is not the solution Holmes would suggest, after all. (


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