Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot deck

The Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2014) is filled with strange characters. Large heads and small bodies are one element of her artistic style. Yet, the bizarre mixing and morphing of human, animal and plant adds another layer to this surreal melange.
One thing some may object to is the fact that every card shows a female figure, most often just the one. This is true even of the different Courts, on which more below. Yet, despite this, the images are not samey or lacking in symbolism.
Conversely, one thing detractors of Lo Scarabeo decks may appreciate is that there are no multilingual titles, just basic numbers and suit symbols. The borders are delicate and slightly ornate, much like the images themselves. And the card stock is sturdy, flexible, not overly thick, and easy to shuffle.
Turning to the images, we see in Temperance a beautiful girl with white hair and a white dress. This pallid creature is offset by the red fish she sleeps upon. There are other, smaller red fish that fly around them in the cloudy blue sky, and still others that seem to emerge from, or play among the strands of, her hair. The colours, the play with fish and sky, and the peacefulness of her sleeping figure, all point to traditional notions. The card suggests well the mixing of different elements, and how this can be healing.
For the Courts, the King of Pentacles came up. A beautiful woman raises her skirts, allowing a bull to come charging out. The landscape around her isn’t particularly lush, but there is a large town or city behind her. Strength, groundedness, responsibility and economic growth, as well Taurean links, are all to be found here.
Looking a bit deeper, the Courts are distinguished by the little symbols at the bottom of the cards. Yet, when placed together, the symbolism and differences are also quite apparent. The Knights always have some kind of steed, the Queens are always more in close-up, and the Pages farther away. (
Nicoletta raised and still lives in her native Republic of San Marino. She studied animation at the Institute of Art In Urbino, Italy.

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot – Lo Scarabeo
Nicoletta Ceccoli – Official Site

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