The Sun and Moon Tarot deck by Vanessa Decort

The Sun and Moon Tarot card deck is created by the artist Vanessa Decort. This deck has images that seem like they are drawn for stories and imaginative journeys, and is really an awesome and beautiful deck. Although I am personally a big fan of Rider-Waite-Smith styled decks, I found myself liking the imagery on this deck because I felt as if these images were pretty familiar to me!
The Majors are quite beautifully done – and I found myself going back to look at the pictures and smiling at their beauty. One thing in particular that is consistent throughout the deck is that the people in the images don’t have any facial features – which I think is perfect, somehow, and fits in very well with the imagery of this deck. The cards like The Hermit and The Universe appealed to me in particular, because of their very Hindu imagery.
Each of the suits of the Minor cards follows a particular theme. The Suit of Cups are located in a very watery surrounding, with starry twilight skies that mostly featured a full or a crescent moon. The Suit of Pentacles were placed in a very earthy surrounding in the light of the Sun and mostly on grassy meadows and deserts. The Suit of Swords found their images with a blue sky and lots of clouds in the background. The Suit of Wands is again located among the starry skies, with no moon, but some fire here and there.
Vanessa Decort

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