The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night

Lo Scarabeo has always made quality tarot decks. Since 1987, this company has produced over 100 tarot decks. You would think after all this time it would be tough to out do themselves, or to find a way to be different than they have already been. Well, with the Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night they have managed the seemingly impossible.
Not only have they produced what many believe to be the best Vampire based tarot yet, they have also found a way to increase the levels of understandings during readings.
Right out of the box, this is a most unique presentation. And I say that literally, because the box is unlike other boxes. Magnetically closed on the side, you essentially open it like you were opening the door to a tomb, a crypt, a lair. Just opening the box already sets the stage for what is contained within.
The first item out of the box is the accompanying book. The book was prepared by tarot scholar Barbara Moore, so you already know it is going to be good.
In going through the examinations of the cards, we are presented with something I haven’t come across in other tarot decks that I own. Rather than rely on “upright” and “reversed” meanings to the cards (depending on which way they face when they are turned over), we are treated to multiple facets of reading, depending on what side of an issue you want to look at. The Major Arcana has four facets, and the Minor Arcana has three.


Lo Scarabeo

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