The visible and the invisible worlds

Tarot of Cyclicity the visible and the invisible worlds
The visible world is only a veil for the invisible. The distance between the two worlds is similar to the distance between unconsciousness and consciousness, respectively between the individual and collective consciousness.
The Tarot deck is a map, both for our physical and our psychical universe. The fundamental hermetic law, “as above, so below” applies to both of them.
While, generally speaking, the small numbered cards represent the collective unconsciousness, individuals in a state of unconsciousness driven exclusively by fears and desires, the cards of the Major Arcana represents the collective consciousness which is the universal source for inspiration and guidance.
On the individual level, the alchemical process of awakening and enlightening begins with the numerals on the level of individual unconsciousness and ends with the Kings, cards which represent the collective consciousness and the fully developed individual, the “Superman”.

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