To be free

Tarot of Cyclicity, The High Priestess

Tarot of Cyclicity, The High Priestess
“To be free is to be able to discern error and see the truth. To be free is to attain a state in which Psyche unfolds in the light of the Spirit and the peace of the heart. To be free is to harmonise one’s melody with the polyphony of a chant which is the ecumenical expression of the world.
Hence the importance of the Tarot, the basis for an initiation which reveals the path to understanding the harmony unites what is diverse by attuning what is discordant.” (Fredric Lionel; The Magic Tarot, Vehicle of Eternal Wisdom; Chapter 8, The Mysticism of Numbers; page 50)
The truth, however, is not always comfortable nor fit our beliefs.
Find guidance, inspiration and knowledge with the Tarot of Cyclicity.

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