Unified Esoteric Tarot decks for sale

Unified Esoteric Tarot decks for sale

Limited offer and an exclusive opportunity.
The Unified Esoteric Tarot was published in 2018.
The deck won the best self-published Tarot category in the CARTA Awards.
Only 250 copies of the deck have been printed so far, plus about three test prints, including a plastic deck and, recently, a coloured version of the third edition, which I use for readings.
Therefore, the Unified Esoteric Tarot represents a revolutionary new concept and a collectable item.

UNIFIED ESOTERIC TAROT First Edition, 78 copies only – sold out.
UNIFIED ESOTERIC TAROT Second Edition, 78 copies only – sold out.
UNIFIED ESOTERIC TAROT Black Edition, 78 copies only – sold out.
UNIFIED ESOTERIC TAROT III – Special Limited Winter Solstice Edition 2022 – 14 (+1) copies only – sold out.
The First and Second Editions are entirely identical, only the watermark is different.
The Third Edition introduced an improved astrological attribution for the thirty-six Pipes (Numerals) and has an enhanced design.

Far as I know, only one person sold its deck.
If you want to sell your copy, please get in touch with me, there are people interested in buying it.
From the latest edition, one deck have been lost during delivery, probably somewhere in the UK, so there is a deck out there waiting to be found.

Truthfully, the First Edition was not completely sold out. I wanted to print exactly 78 copies, so I bought a handful of copies myself. These cards are in their original white tuck boxes and sealed. Now I’m willing to part with three of them.

The deck price is currently 249,99 USD, with shipping included to the USA and Europe (shipping is almost half of the cost). However, shipping to other regions and some countries may require extra fees, or it may not be possible. Shipping services are getting annoyingly expensive, while the quality has dropped considerably.
If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]
Thank you!

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