2 of Swords


Libra Venus wants to impress you. They will use all their wiles of kindness and fairness to make a relationship work. Their manners are polished, which can make some people think they are superficial. In fact, they are gentle people who are easily offended.
Bad manners and abrasive personalities can be threatening to them. A Venus in Libra person tries to treat people fairly and they often choose a middle ground to try and keep everything peaceful. It is not unusual for this sign to make concessions and changes in their own lives to accommodate others.
Libra Venus tends to be idealistic, and can make a relationship into something larger than life. If they feel taken advantage of, instead of confronting the person they have the issue with, they will quietly seethe in the corner, becoming more resentful as time goes on. They are easy targets for bullies.
A Venus in Libra person loves to share, but if someone is being tactless or rude, it really turns them off. When a relationship is unbalanced, they will become unhappy. They will try to bring it back into balance without you noticing. If you try to do your part to keep things on an even keel, Libra Venus will do their part and always consider how you feel about everything and treat you the way they want to be treated.
A true romantic, those born with a Venus in Libra are most happy when partnered with someone. They are sensitive to those around them, and may be accused of changing who they are to become what someone else wants them to be. It is easy for them to lose their identity if they aren’t careful because they tend to see things from their partner’s point of view. They may be clingy or tend to keep score of every little thing that happens. While charming and companionable, they may compromise a bit too much.
Libra Venus is sociable, friendly, polite and attractive to the opposite sex, no matter how they look. They like to be stimulated intellectually, and will always seek companionship and status in their lives. They want their surroundings to be beautiful and comfortable.
The Venus in Libra person can be superficial and lack clear personal values. Frequent disagreements can make them physically ill or nervous. They fall in love easily, and they may not wait for the right person. Their efforts at pleasing others can wear them down eventually.
Libra Venus may be good at writing, acting, making speeches, sales or business. Their social acumen comes in handy no matter what they choose to do.
If you are attracted to Libra Venus, be well-mannered, well-spoken and well dressed. Be fair to all you come across, and champion the cause of justice. Don’t be snobby or arrogant. Do your part to keep the relationship in balance and always treat them well.
(Source: alwaysastrology.com)

Venus in Libra, the Seventh House sign is essentially dignified and strong, This is one of the positions which testify to a fruitful and congenial marriage or successful partnership. It gives musical or artistic ability and makes the person popular in public life. If engaged as a speaker or singer it ensures an appreciate audience whenever he appears in public. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

7th House, House of Partnerships (Spouse). Close, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including known enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.

Venus in the Seventh House is one of the surest signs of domestic felicity. It signifies an early marriage and an increase of prosperity after that event. If the person finds it expedient to enter into partnership on a business basis the presence of Venus tends to make this relationship harmonious and beneficial. It is also a good sign that if litigation seems necessary some way will be found to settle the matter without actual rupture. This position is good for actors, singers, and others whose calling brings them before the public in a vocal capacity for it ensures a kind and sympathetic reception on the part of their audience. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 8 – Venus, Reactive/Mental (Air)
Positive traits:
– Diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, love all that is beautiful, good managing skills, idealistic, devotion, affectionate, realization, fulfillment, investments, protective.
Negative traits:
– Unbalanced, obsessive, superficial, indecisive, unreliable, fixations, negligent, self-pity.

Crowley: Peace. This card is ruled by Chokmah in the Element of Air. This suit, governing all
intellectual manifestations, is always complicated and disordered. It is subject to change as is no other suit. It repre sents a general shaking-up, resulting from the conffict of Fire and Water in their marriage; and proceeds, when Earth appears, to crystallization. But the purity and exaltation of Chokmah are such that this card manifests the very best idea possible to the suit. The energy abides above the onslaught of disruption. This comparative calm is emphasized by the celestial attribution: the Moon in Libra.
The Moon is change, but Nature is peaceful; moreover, Libra represents balance; between them, they regulate the energy of the Swords. In the card appear two swords crossed; they are united by a blue rose with five petals. This rose represents the influence of the Mother, whose harmonizing influence compounds the latent antagonism native to the suit. The Rose emits white rays, pro ducing a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the equilibrium of the symbol.

Waite: A hoodwinked female figure balances two swords upon her shoulders.
Conformity and the equipoise which it suggests, courage, friendship, concord in a state of arms; another reading gives tenderness, affection, intimacy. The suggestion of harmony and other favourable readings must be considered in a qualified manner, as Swords generally are not symbolical of beneficent forces in human affairs.
Reversed: Imposture, falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
2 of Spades – Breaks in relationships; deceit. A break in an important process in the querent’s life. If the question concerns a particular romantic interest, this is considered a warning card – infidelity or separation is quite likely.


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